A friend recommended to try NeurOptimal for my daughter who is 8, I noticed that she had became a bit depressed at home and in school, not playing with other children and very emotional. She did Neuroptimal sessions and for the first few days she was more emotional but later we could see a big change in her. It really worked.


I was on the sleep medication for 18 years. I got the course of 10 sessions of NeurOptimal and after 7 sessions I noticed a big difference in my sleep, it become deeper, I was waking up more energized and reduced the medication.


I did several sessions of NeurOptimal brain training and I found out very interesting change, after my first session few days later I had a dream revealing my deepest emotional problems and the same happened after second session, but afterwards felt really relieved.


Sarah is an amazing person and healer.
I had a bone fracture in my back which was causing me a lot of pain. Sarah has worked with me in the fracture and the pain went away. She guided me all the way until my back healed completely, and helped me release loads of old beliefs which were stopping me from living the life I want. I feel healed, free and happy.

Hanane Rochd

My session with Sarah was incredible. We delved deep into the essence of my being and worked through my blocks connected to abundance and visibility. I love working with Sarah because I feel like she can tap into places in me like other people can’t. She’s so loving, embracing and supportive, guiding you on your journey. Thank you Sarah! 

IvanaCoach and Motivational Speaker, London

I’ve experienced the Theta Healing from the wonderfully amazing Sarah. My main reasons for trying this were to deal with childhood trauma, as a result of being in a dysfunctional family.Sarah was able to help me release and understand my thoughts about situations. I experienced major breakthroughs and now have a very different perspective on the past. I would highly recommend this treatment as I’ve experienced the amazing benefits first hand.

Amandeep KaurMidlands