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The Energy Space in the Press

Tomoyo at The Kids Company

"What it's like to be a complementary health volunteer"

by Tomoyo Nozaki

The following article appeared on a Kids Company ( brochure

Kids Company an organisation based in London and led by volunteers dedicated to providing practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable innercity children and young people.

“I started working as a volunteer therapist offering facial reflexology at Kids Company over a year ago. From my work, I have been deeply moved by quite extraordinary experiences of working with children. Firstly, they had great curiosity about exactly what I do?

In one instance a young boy tried the treatment whilst his friends looked on to observe his reaction. Their initial reaction was to ridicule him but they were soon surprised that he fell asleep! The result was that the boys were moved to ask for treatment sessions themselves.

My work with children started during the After School Club at Sir Thomas Abney primary school. I observed the innocence and honesty of children, who know nothing of facial reflexology but were interested when a team of facial reflexologists were working on their classmate!

After the treatment the children were surprised that they Felt Good! Their feelings were soon passed to their friends. News travels fast and indeed, upon arriving in the classroom, I would soon be accosted by a crowd of children, demanding that they should be first for treatment!

Over a period of time, I have built a growing relationship with the children. This has developed from discussing individual problems, which might even be gossip or small talk and, from experience, inevitably leads to important facts. The experience of a crowd of smiling faces greeting me when I meet up with them is a valuable experience and a precious moment each week.”



The Energy Space in Reiki Magazine


The Reiki Association Community Magazine

Summer 2011 Edition

Tomoyo published an article on her experience of organising charity Reiki share sessions on the official Reiki community magazine

Reiki for Japan - by Tomoyo Nozaki

After a massive earthquake hit the Eastern Coast of Japan in March 2011, I decided to organise some charity events to tie in with my regular monthly Reiki shares. I was amazed at the response and the people who so willingly came to join.

The first weeks after the disaster I did a few distance Reiki sessions to feel that in some way I was alleviating the pain of so many, but I soon realised that we could send stronger energy by gathering together in community and pooling our Reiki resources. Although news about earthquake victims and the ensuing nuclear plant explosions has died down, the disaster is still very vivid in the lives of people in Japan; they are see-sawing between hope and despair. The victims have shown acceptance of their situation and a practical application of the Reiki Principles, which perhaps isn’t surprising considering the healing systems that stem from this cultural background.

Hearing their stories I am humbled and inspired to reflect on the Reiki precepts to count one’s blessings, to let go of anger and worry, and to be kind to every living being. I am grateful to all people who at very short notice have participated in my charity Reiki sessions. The turn-out has been truly impressive: a multicultural mix of people from different generations, cultural backgrounds and all levels of Reiki practitioners - even people who experienced Reiki for the first time.

I welcome all levels, variety, lineages and traditions of Reiki. Everyone attending these charity events can experience Reiki in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. During our sessions we start off with Hatsureihou (Reiki style Meditation), then move onto some exercises for boosting Reiki energy flow before holding a Reiki share. The effects are very powerful.

After one event Reiki energy filled up the room, and the flowers which I brought in the morning, bloomed beautifully. It is reassuring to think of all this positive, life-affirming energy going to Japan. The next session will be held on Sunday 17th July from 2pm and all people are welcome to attend.

Further information under ‘events’ on the member’s page in The Reiki Association website: