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A Tip For Life ....

The practice of meditation draws us closer to who we truly are. By listening to the Breath, we inhale "Let..." and exhale "Go..."

It in in this Space between the spaces that we give the Universe a chance to let it pour into us, guiding us to our true selves.


There is nothing that we need to do except close our eyes, listen to our breath and surrender to the moment That Is, twice a day for just 10 minutes a day.


Surrendering to the Energy of Space.


"To the Mind that is Still the Universe Surrenders" (Lao Tzu)



Reiki course

Do you wish to be inititated into Reiki?

The process is very simple: it is about attuning your vibrational 'frequency' to Reiki Energy by a Reiki Master so that you can become a channel of Reiki Energy directly from Source.


Just like an antenna picks up radio waves and just as we change the channel frequency to change radio station, in the same way any human being can be attuned to Reiki energy Level 1, 2 and Master Level using meditation techniques and Reiki symbols. In this way anyone can be a channel to healing oneself and others.


The gentle energy of Reiki is a powerful healer and induces homeostasis, namely the body's ability to heal itself.


Reiki counts towards CPD points for your continuing professional development qualifications as a Complimentary Therapist. For more information see:


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Reiki Share - Workshop

Saturday 6 April 2013 (2.00-5.00pm)

With Reiki Masters and Teachers

All varieties of Reiki systems, lineages and traditions are welcome







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