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Energy Classes


Yoga, The Sutras and All that is Divine
The practice of Yoga at The Energy Space is a way of reconnecting your true self to your physical body so that you can rediscover your own Divinity in every day life.
Yogic practice can be viewed as active meditation that leads to Self-Realization, because through it we begin to calm the mind and hear our Voice that leads us to our unique life purpose.

Not only the body....

Yoga can be seen as a series of postures that align the body and spine, increase flexibility, build a strong core and supple muscles that encourage deep breathing and an increased flow of oxygen throughout the physical body.
...but also the Mind..
In Sanskrit Yoga means union and sutra means thread.

Union happens when every part of ourselves acts as One, for we are fundamentally whole, we only need to realise it. The threads are our different actions which create the rich tapestry of our experience and existence. Union of all the threads of our own Life is what makes us unique.

Class information

- The 60 minute class includes a gentle sequence of yoga postures, adequate for Beginners and Intermediate students

- Asanas (postures) are drawn from Hatha and†Jivamukti Yoga

- Suited to all levels


10 class card: £80

Drop-in: £10

Mintoi is a Certified RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance UK.


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