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Ionic Foot Detox System

A therapeutic foot bath with water that becomes ionised is perhaps not everyone's idea of a powerful body detoxification system but when it comes to this technology, then trying is believing.


Whether you want to combine it with a reflexology treatment or have it on its own, this is the perfect after-work quick fix that can catalyse the body's healing mechanism after just the first treatment.


After just one treatment I had a healing reaction that caused me to feel tired all day and I helped expel the toxins by drinking lots of warm herbal tea and eating fresh fruit and raw vegetables. And how good I felt after that!


People react in different ways and some just find the treatment relaxing and revitalising, but one thing is sure: the Ionic Foot Detox System is a revolutionary way to cleanse the body of heavy metals and residual toxins that permeate the body at cellular level.


According to the experts by using the Ionic Foot Detox Bath  "..the voltage of the cell membrane reaches the appropriate potential. The re-building of the appropriate energy balance within cells increases their ability to perform functions such as processing nutrients and other substances necessary to live. It also facilitates the elimination of metabolic waste by-products and toxins."


The skin is instantly brightened and the body's metabolic and digestive systems feel realigned and more regular.


A one-time off treatment is enough to feel cleansed, but for optimum results I would recommend a few treatments over the course of a few weeks at least.


If you want to get rid of pollutants that are the cause of most allergies, weight gain as well as other chronic conditions such as asthma, then this is a must try.


The Ionic Foot Bath can be experienced in the comfort of your own home so that you lie down and relax after the treatment or at the London College of Reflexology, in Covent Garden.


For more information email Emanuelle Moss on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


To a Healthier and Brighter You!